Our prices are based on hourly fees for removal and depend on the age, hair texture, and severity of the infestation. Our hourly range is $70 to $85. We highly suggest an inspection of all family members. The cost per inspection is $35. The majority of cases can be completed within 3 hours, but we have seen severe lice infestations where the child has an average of 6 nits per shaft where the price becomes higher.

Our removal strategy will be customized to the child’s age, hair texture, infestation severity, sensitivity and energy levels. In general we combine combing with manual nitpicking.

We offer our services for free or reduced cost in special circumstances based on nurse or doctor referral, specifically when the caregiver is too ill to personally deal with the situation. Cases include a parent undergoing cancer treatment, or parents with severe visual impairments or a permanent handicap that hinders their ability to manage the lice infestation. Please note that the client must provide proof of income and two bank statements.



I am a single father and was referred to Miss M by our school nurse. We had repeated lice infestations for over a month and I was missing work in order to take care of my two daughters. Miss M came to my home and patiently removed all the nits and lice allowing me to visually inspect her work and showing me her technique. She was gentle with my daughters and understanding of the issues faced by my younger girl who has ADD.

James S  ,  

Frisco TX

Miss M came to our home and worked with our five-year-old curly haired girl for over three hours. The night prior my husband and I attempted to remove lice and nits and ended up with a crying preschooler. Miss M made it into a participatory game and showed a great deal of tenderness toward our child.

Juliana K  ,  

Mckinney TX

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