What methods do you use?
We manually remove lice and nits to meet lice & nit-free policies established by school districts in North Dallas suburbs. When it comes to lice there are no shortcuts. We don’t sell you magical potions we simply charge you for our experience, accuracy and time. With diligence and a significant time investment you can clean your kids without resorting to using our services. In short, we fix your problem quickly and accurately.

Can we come to your salon?
We do not believe in a salon model. A salon is intimidating and embarrassing for all involved and presents the risk of cross-contamination.

What if my house is not in Collin County?

We offer by appointment services at our Mckinney location for special cases, out-of town and children and adults with disabilities. Our facility is private and discreet and we only take one patient at the time to shelter you and your kid from embarrassing situations

Is it guaranteed?
98% of our customers are able to return to school and do not have recurrence. No guarantees exist, but we certainly do our best to leave you satisfied.

Do You Notify Schools?

We notify elementary and middle schools only when we handle over 30 cases for a given zip code within a 15 day period. Notifications are sent in writing attention of the school nurse. The privacy of our customers takes priority, to that end we do not conduct school-specific notifications.

Does RID or NIX work for Lice?

It depends. In many instances, particularly in population dense areas you will be dealing with medication-resistant lice. This reduces the efficacy of over the counter lice treatments. Currently the most effective treatment is a combination of Spinosad sold under the brand Natroba and manual removal of nits and lice.

Do You Offer Coupons, Discounts or Plans?

No, we do not make any marketing efforts. Our goal is to be your trusted resource based on a referral from a friend. We strive to give you a fair pricing structure.

Is Lice Removal Covered by Health Insurance?

No, but many FSA accounts will reimburse you for our services. If you need a detailed receipt just ask.

Are You Available to Help at No Cost in Special Cases?

Yes, in certain instances we will provide our services for free. Requests for no-cost services must be made by a medical doctor, school counselor or case worker. Here is a short testimonial of the level of services we provide to families in need:

Miss M came out to my school recently to assist a student with a chronic case of head lice. She not only drove over an hour and half to get here, but she also spent several hours combing through the child’s hair and more importantly, educating her mother on the techniques and procedures necessary to treat lice and eradicate the problem. Her professionalism, compassion, confidentiality and expertise display the type of gold standard care all families would want when faced with this challenge. Thank you Miss M.

Ann, Wylie TX

Ann Marie Wyatt,MS Ed.

Davis Intermediate



I am a single father and was referred to Miss M by our school nurse. We had repeated lice infestations for over a month and I was missing work in order to take care of my two daughters. Miss M came to my home and patiently removed all the nits and lice allowing me to visually inspect her work and showing me her technique. She was gentle with my daughters and understanding of the issues faced by my younger girl who has ADD.

James S  ,  

Frisco TX

Miss M came to our home and worked with our five-year-old curly haired girl for over three hours. The night prior my husband and I attempted to remove lice and nits and ended up with a crying preschooler. Miss M made it into a participatory game and showed a great deal of tenderness toward our child.

Juliana K  ,  

Mckinney TX

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