Welcome from Lice Removal Professionals!

A lice infestation can be stressful and full of stigmas. If you are visiting our page it is likely that you received a referral from a friend or church member who has used our services in the past.

First allow us to put your mind at ease. You are not the first nor will you be the last family facing this type of crisis. We know you are seeking help because you have tried chemical treatments and your child has not passed the nurse inspection. Nit removal is labor-intensive and requires a great deal of patience, practice and superior eyesight. It is also likely your child is not as willing to cooperate with you as they would with a less familiar face. Let’s face it, in the best of cases cleaning a head will take a couple of hours but it often takes longer than that.

What we do is simple. We head to your home in an unmarked vehicle and we gently, safely and professionally remove lice and nits from each individual hair shaft. Our goal is for your child to get back to school or childcare as soon as possible and for your life to go back to normal.


I am a single father and was referred to Miss M by our school nurse. We had repeated lice infestations for over a month and I was missing work in order to take care of my two daughters. Miss M came to my home and patiently removed all the nits and lice allowing me to visually inspect her work and showing me her technique. She was gentle with my daughters and understanding of the issues faced by my younger girl who has ADD.

James S  ,  

Frisco TX

Miss M came to our home and worked with our five-year-old curly haired girl for over three hours. The night prior my husband and I attempted to remove lice and nits and ended up with a crying preschooler. Miss M made it into a participatory game and showed a great deal of tenderness toward our child.

Juliana K  ,  

Mckinney TX

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